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If you want to be successful in hiring a Social Media Manager then you have to strategize, research, create, and publish content consistently. Outsourcing your social media marketing is a cost effective and time effective way to make sure you are efficient. Now sure if outsourcing is right for you? Here is another article on why companies do outsourcing and is it for you. 

So, once you decide that outsourcing is an amazing idea (an we know you will), what next? Here are the best practices you can do after hiring a Social Media Manager to set yourself up for success:

What to Do After Hiring a Social Media Manager from the Philippines

SOP Document or Training Manual

If you want to succeed in hiring a social media manager, you need to work hard on improving your skills. Create a training manual out of it. Study the manual every day. You should also create training manuals that will educate people about your trade or profession, or even about your business. By creating useful content, people will be more inclined to connect and talk about potentially working with you.

By Creating a SOP Document or training manual, you will make a detailed job description that outlines all of the job’s requirements and responsibilities. Include description directly on your company’s website, as well as on its LinkedIn page and social media channels. Provide courses that you want to share with your VA, share about the content schedule, list of inspirational accounts, and other details you want them to be aware of. Make sure to add the login details to your social media accounts as well.

Create a Content Prep Vault

Informing your Social Media Manager on the best indicators for your account can help strategic abilities to showcase specific styles, measure content pillars, and write caption formulas. This can highlight your marketing objectives by seeing the references and provide knowledge to your social media management goals.

Customizing a unique value according to your needs will let your VA’s get a better perspective and interaction with the audience. Make sure to point out the type of content you are after and caption formulas to make the job easier. Adding Call to Actions that are catchy to get offers and support from your clients in a more impactful way. Determine the cost of your marketing efforts so you will not have problems dealing with the budget and other fees necessary for the project. 

Implement the Creation of a Content Calendar

You will never have to fall short in meeting marketing plans and expectations when you create a content calendar. When you’re planning your strategy, it’s important to understand which metrics matter for your company and which numbers to track. Your target and goals must fit into a well-known structure, and you don’t simply post because it seems appealing or you’ve just posted about similar topics before. Social media is still new to many companies. But it’s quickly becoming an integral part of marketing strategies for many companies. You should always ask yourself, “how will this improve my site traffic”.

Create an idea that is organized from the titles, subject lines, advertisements, hashtags, guides, and other marketing campaigns that should get a specific mark to deliver your message firmly. Thus, hiring a social media manager can help you document and maintain the structure of your account without the fear of missing deadlines and expectations.  

Creating an Engagement Strategy

Having a positive interaction and satisfaction from your customer can increase sales and awareness of your brand. It’s important to create a positive experience for your customers. One of the main ways to create a positive experience is by providing them with great customer service. By providing an extraordinary customer experience, you will be able to get more referrals. Your team members should always be aware of your brand’s image and provide exemplary customer service. An example would be knowing the hashtags relevant to your business; also, identifying the people you need to reach out to.

It’s important to work on customer engagement. To get customers to interact with your brand, it’s imperative that your company consistently interacts with them. Your company needs to create content that engages your customers. You should also proactively work at getting your customer base involved in the conversation. You need to be responsive when customers reach out to you proactively. Creating a customer support team or group is an excellent way to take proactivity beyond the virtual.

Set Clear Expectation

A great virtual assistant will be smart enough to ask detailed questions that help you to define their role. This will also save you the time of constantly answering the same questions over and over again, and they can tell you exactly what they’re thinking throughout this process.

In hiring a social media manager, you need to get a grip of how you will work and learn new system ways. Use task manager sites to help you plan and let your VA understand the task better. This will help the person to meet a realistic turnaround time where they can organize tasks according to your needs. Understand that they are now available every day so you will have the time they can work efficiently to meet the deadlines and accomplish tasks better. 

Having unrealistic expectations about what your social media manager can deliver will lead to disappointment. This can create a stressful working environment. Therefore, we advise our clients to set their expectations correctly from the start and to make sure that they and their VAs understand the nitty-gritty of the job and clearly define what is expected of both sides.

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What To Do After Hiring a Social Media Manager from the Philippines | Set Up for Success

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