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What can an eCommerce Virtual Assistant do for my Business? | Virtual Assistant for E Commerce

What can an eCommerce Virtual Assistant do for my Business?

When you own an e-commerce business, a virtual assistant can be valuable. They can reduce struggles in running a business and company to sort out tasks and projects. Note that the tasks for a virtual assistant may vary from managing your business, organizing events, and scheduling meetings. Instead of being a slave to an e-commerce app, hire an eCommerce virtual assistant or Virtual Assistant for Shopify to support you!

What can an eCommerce Virtual Assistant do for my Business?

What Can a Virtual Assistant Help With?

Product Research

Researching products and information that can help with your business can be frustrating. In essence, an eCommerce virtual assistant will analyze what people are buying and aren’t. 

Let your virtual assistant take care of your business and help you deal with different challenges through the assistance they can offer. When everything is clear, your virtual assistant will be proactive in working and completing tasks. 

Writing Product Description

Avoid time-consuming tasks like writing a product description. Choosing a virtual assistant to work with writing a description to keep your eCommerce store updated will save you so much time with this task. 

This way, you can spare yourself from the burden of proofreading, writing, and editing content and product description for your business.

Image Editing

From product management to editing and updating images on your site, an eCommerce virtual assistant got you covered! They can find the perfect image, work on edits, and upload images that are perfect for your eCommerce store.

Product Listing and Optimisation

You might be also surprised that many Virtual Assistants hang out in them, and you will probably have people eager to learn about your business and to work with you. From there, all you have to do is talk with the ones who are most interested and choose the one you feel is the best fit. 

From optimizing your page, researching keywords, and using SEO, an eCommerce virtual assistant will come to the rescue. Therefore, you should be confident in your decision to start using a Virtual Assistant.

Managing Inventory

Keeping track and managing your inventory is always crucial to any eCommerce business. If you can’t manage inventory and track your business’ accuracy, then it is time to hire a knowledgeable person to provide great support for your business. 

A virtual assistant is a great tool for businesses because they can handle your business admin tasks, help you manage your inventory, and help you with your eCommerce marketing on social media.

Handling Order Processing

For e-commerce businesses, the biggest challenge is getting the right customers to buy. The problem is not in finding them but in converting them into actual customers. But to accomplish this, you need some very useful tools. An assistant like you can handle the emails and orders, and make sure that the fulfillment process is correct.

When customers have questions, retailers should answer them. They should also be there for their customers when they have general, everyday problems.

Assistance in Returns and Exchanges

When starting a new e-commerce business, you’ll need a virtual assistant to help you out. One area where you can use them is returns and exchanges. A good way to ensure your customers are happy is by handling their return and exchange requests with care. A virtual assistant can be of great help in providing this type of service.

What to Set Up Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Bible Document with Video Recordings

Everything must be documented from website updates, passwords, workflow and other information that are relevant to your business. Keep track of the work important for your eCommerce store.

Tasks for a virtual assistant may vary so document information and other important details to let them know what to do at all times. Start a recording and share instructions with your VA through Zoom or Loom recordings. Let them know your way of working.

Standard/Expectations Around Daily Work Load

Setting expectations can help your relationship with your virtual assistant. Find a project management system that will keep tasks and projects organized. You can choose Monday.com or Asana as long you wil be able to deliver tasks and expectations properly. Set up project mgt system breakdown one particular board by day.

If you would like to see a full video walk through, check out our Youtube video on ‘5 Things to do BEFORE you hire a virtual assistant’!

How to Find a VA for Your E Commerce Store

Find an Agency

Agencies will help you find your perfect VA with experience just like Level Up Outsourcing.

We screen, interview, and go through different processes in the applications to find the perfect eCommerce virtual assistant for you. 

Online Platforms

If you want to explore and try finding a virtual assistant yourself there are many freelancing platforms you can try to check. Upwork, Fiver, 99Designs, and also FB pages are some of the platforms you can visit to hire freelancers that are helpful to you.

Or you can check out our Youtube video on a Comparison of Best Virtual Assistant Companies in Australia!

So if you don’t want to go through the hard work of hiring an eCommerce virtual assistant, Level Up Outsourcing is ready to help! Feel free to email us at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com and we will be glad to assist you in finding the perfect candidate for you. 

What can an E Commerce Virtual Assistant do for my Business? | Virtual Assistant for E Commerce

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