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Hire a Virtual Assistant in Australia: Should you do it?

Have you been dreaming that someone would swoop in and rescue your business? Do you want to be saved from piles of paperwork, digital filing, content planning, email automation, copywriting, (and the list goes on)? Do you want a person whom you can trust your business with while you’re away for work? It sounds like you need to hire a Virtual Assistant!

They will make your life easier through their talent and excellent multi-tasking skills. They keep the ball rolling efficiently with minimal supervision!

If you need a wingman or wingwoman in your business, it’s time to search for the right Australian Virtual Assistant and that assistant might just be in the Philippines!

Hire a Virtual Assistant in Australia: Should you do it?

Hiring a Filipino Virtual Assistant will get you a permanent solution in building your business. Doing so can make you consistently work on its growth for a fraction of the price when you hire a virtual assistant from Australia.

Instead of opting for an expensive Australian employee that you have to pay an extremely high wage plus superannuation, it’s more practical to hire a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines. They can do daily repetitive tasks that are below your pay grade. Also, they can be involved in business planning and memorize all the systems and processes of the business. They save you time and increase the profitability of your business!

Values You Get When You Hire a Virtual Assistant from PH

1. Reliability and Sustainability

Employing a Virtual Assistant from the Philippines means that you need to build trust and go for your gut feeling that you and your VA will work long-term.

Thus, working with a trusted and reliable Virtual Assistant agency that has a thorough recruitment process is the best choice. You don’t have to exert so much effort in screening and calling the applicants as the agency will do it for you in a more efficient way.

2. Deadline Driven

An essential quality of a good VA is excellent time management skills. Deadlines are critical. Communicating your deadlines and tasks properly to your VA is equally important. As long as you and your virtual assistant from the Philippines set goals and deadlines together, you’d cross of your to-do list in no time.

3. Strong Communication Skills

Being fluent in English is also one of the top qualities every employer should look for. Virtual assistants in the Philippines have similar communication skills as Virtual Assistants in Australia. But it is good to note that Filipino English skills are incomparable to virtual assistants from other countries! It’s best to choose a contractor that you can communicate well with and you understand each other. And that is exactly why a Filipino worker would be best. They can even help with tasks such as cold calling, customer care, and human resources their English is so good!

4. Accountability

A good VA from the Philippines also owns up to their mistake. When a deadline is missed or when an error occurs, they are held 100% accountable and they are honest enough to admit it. Plus, hiring a Filipino virtual assistant VS hiring an Australian virtual assistant is that it is a lot cheaper to get the workers from the Philippines to fix their mistakes!

5. Beyond and Above

Many employers prefer to hire virtual assistants in the Philippines because of their work ethics. They always go the extra mile. More importantly, they always efficiently accomplish the job.

Hire a Virtual Assistant from PH, today!

These qualities are on the checklist during the hiring process of Level Up Outsourcing. We only choose the best talents with excellent work conduct.

So sit back, relax, and let Level Up Outsourcing match you to the perfect Filipino Virtual Assistant for your business! If you would like to have a chat about hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines, please reach out to us via email at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com or book a time in our online calendar at levelupoutsourcing.com/contact-us.

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