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Virtual Assistant for Shopify: How to Hire the Right VA

You are pursuing entrepreneurship for many reasons, but having less time for family and leisure isn’t one of them. You thought starting an online store would give you the time and financial freedom that you desire but now you’ve realised that you created a full-time job for yourself. This makes you pause for a moment and wonder, “maybe the time has come for me to hire a virtual assistant for Shopify?

Starting out your Shopify business requires you to do everything: researching for products and creating catalogs, fulfilling orders, customer services, social media management and so much more. With all these, it can become overwhelming to do all the tasks all by yourself, especially once you are making a lot of money!

That’s why many business owners hire a VA or Virtual Assistant for Shopify stores: someone they can delegate the daily repetitive tasks and processes to. They are essential to the business, but not necessarily focused on business growth, that’s what you can focus on!

Virtual Assistant for Shopify How to Hire the Right VA

When Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Can you accomplish all the necessary business tasks without compromising the time for your family, personal life, or relaxation time?

If your answer is ‘NO’, that’s enough reason to hire a VA. Or if you are looking to scale your Shopify business to the next level, hiring a virtual assistant is the smartest and most affordable option for you!

Here are other thoughts you might have now that tell you, it’s time to outsource and hire a VA for Shopify:

  • You are ready to delegate the tasks and processes to someone
  • You are thinking of much bigger goals you need to accomplish instead of doing the same tasks over and over again
  • The tasks are draining you
  • You’ve tried all the automation apps but you thought it would still be better if a person would own up to the tasks

Think about the bigger opportunities you could be making on more important business affairs than dwelling on the tiny details that only sustain your business. Furthermore, think about the more important things you could be doing with the time you spent answering customers, placing orders, and issuing a refund.

You can delegate and let go of these tasks and use your precious hours to chase greater profits and other pursuits—without having to cost you a fortune!

How to Hire A Virtual Assistant for Shopify?

Look through job boards or VA recruitment agencies like Level Up Outsourcing. It will be much wiser to opt for seeking a VA from Virtual Assistant Companies because they already have a list of talented and skilled VAs. To illustrate, Level Up Outsourcing is Australia’s leading Virtual Assistant Agency servicing business owners to free up time, and brain space and increase profitability.

Not all VAs are the same, just like any employees. Therefore, you must have a clear vision of what tasks you want them to take over and the requirements they must meet to ensure that both your goals and core values are aligned.

There are only 3 ways on how to hire your first or next Shopify VA:

1. Creating SOPs and documenting processes

It’s not easy to hire a virtual assistant for Shopify and expect them to do the tasks flawlessly on the first try. Thus, to ensure fewer mistakes and the job gets done exactly or closer to how you want it to be, you must document all the instructions and processes for them to follow.

For customer service or answering inquiries, it would be better to document the past responses you encounter and scripts for every common scenario.

During the hiring process or job description creation, it is best to find someone with experience with the tools or software you are using, rather than teaching them how to use them from scratch.

2. Write A Job Description

Write a job description that includes the skills and qualities that you need. This is to filter well the right candidate.

Things to include in your job description:

  • The scale of your business
  • Apps/Tools you are using and what are their experiences
  • Past related experience
  • and lastly, specific tasks that they will be executing

3. Hire Your Virtual Assistant for Shopify!

You can post your job description on traditional job-hunting websites, social media platforms, or forums but you have no control over the lack of quality of candidates that you might get using these platforms.

If it’s your first time hiring a Virtual Assistant for Shopify, you should do thorough research. You can also look for Level Up Outsourcing for affordable, experienced help!

Send us your job description and we’ll find the perfect Shopify VA match for you and your needs. We’ll further cut down the tedious interview process and filtering process and get you right at the job.

We only hire world-class talent and skilled freelance professionals to deliver excellent results for our clients.

If you are ready to finally start delegating those boring and repetitive tasks to a virtual assistant from the Philippines, we have experts to hire from every area you need! We have in our team, Filippino VA that specialize in the following areas:


  • Diary and database management (which is also very important in data protection)
  • Reports, presentations, and correspondence
  • Working with staff, suppliers, and clients
  • and also general administration duties


  • Accountants
  • Book keepers
  • Accounts payable assistants
  • and also accounts admin assistants


  • Telephone and email support (yes, our VA’s have excellent English skills to talk to clients on the phone)
  • Live chat set up and management
  • Technical support
  • and also CRM management


  • Social media marketing and Email marketing (but these involve a totally different range of expertise)
  • SEO
  • Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube paid ads
  • and also video marketing


  • Content creation
  • Copywriting
  • Video editing
  • Graphic design
  • and also Web design


  • Employee or client contracts
  • Preparing and sending reports and presentations (specifically on human resources)
  • Incident reports
  • Staff database updates
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Interviewing potential hirees
  • and also Planning and executing recruitment ads

WEB DEVELOPMENT(on a one-off project basis)

  • Web software and development
  • Building new sites
  • Custom coding
  • Web page content and resources
  • Function testing
  • and also IT help desk support


  • Telemarketing
  • Appointment setting
  • CRM Management
  • Data cleansing
  • and also sales agent diary management

If you would like to have a chat about hiring a virtual assistant for Shopify from the Philippines to help save you time and increase the profitability of your business, please reach out to us via email at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com or book a time in our online calendar at levelupoutsourcing.com/contact-us.

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