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What is a Virtual Assistant? What can a Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual Assistants are becoming more popular, especially after COVID. Business owners have realized that their employees don’t necessarily need to be in an office anymore! Having a remote assistant is becoming the norm. So, wondering if this is the right option for your business? Need to know what a VA can do? In this guide, we’ll discuss who are they, what they can do, and why + how you should hire a VA from the Philippines.

What is a Virtual Assistant? What can a Virtual Assistant Do?

First things first… 

What is a virtual assistant?

A VA (also called a VA) is someone who acts as an assistant and performs tasks and jobs for other people, primarily online and via email. VAs are here to make your life easier. Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines will allow you to focus on your area of genius in business and give you back free time. 

It’s the best way to give freedom and freedom is priceless. Time freedom and money freedom. All VAs can work from home, so there’s no commute or you don’t need to spend $200,000 on an office which you could invest in your business instead.

What can a Virtual Assistant do? 

A VA can help you in several different areas. A VA can manage your email inbox and help you with email marketing. He or she can schedule your day and help you stay organized. He or she can also help with planning projects, such as marketing campaigns, scheduling social media content, or editing videos.

They can also help with more complicated things such as developing a new product on a deadline—things that you normally need to invest a lot of time and money for. Anything that needs doing on a computer, you can get a VA to support you in doing it! Here is a list of 27 time-saving tasks a virtual assistant can do!

Why you should hire a VA from the Philippines

I hope we answered the top questions on your mind about ‘What is a VA’ and What can they do for your business? If this sparks your interest and more justification before you jump into your decision-making, here is why.

The best part about hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines is that they will dramatically increase the profitability of your business. You know that feeling you get when you are doing a task and you think to yourself ‘Why am I stuck doing this?! I should be focusing on sales and marketing! Well, your Filipino virtual assistant can take care of all of those tasks for you! And because the cost of living is so low in the Philippines, hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines is a more affordable option than hiring an employee from Australia. 

How to hire a VA from the Philippines

Wondering how to hire a virtual assistant? Hiring virtual assistants has never been easier thanks to Level Up Outsourcing. You can select your own VA based on their experience, skills, and availability. We will have a call to see exactly what you need a virtual assistant to help with. Then we will go ahead and find the perfect VA to meet your needs. We will all have an introductory call where you will be able to ask questions and get a feel for the VA’s personality. 

Are you looking for a more prominent spotlight on what is a virtual assistant? Or need a VA but are unsure how to move forward? We are delighted to assist you in selecting a candidate so that you may get started.

To find a virtual assistant that is perfect for you and your business, please email us at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com.

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines | 5 Easy Steps to Hire a VA

How to Hire a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines | 5 Easy Steps to Hire a VA
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