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5 Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Australian Business Owners

If you are an entrepreneur, you have to make time to delegate and outsource your most time consuming/tedious work. You can’t do everything yourself if you want your business to grow. Hiring a virtual assistant Australia is the first step in making that happen! They will help you get more done in less time, and free up your energy for more important tasks.

Not quite sure if outsourcing is right for you? Check out this article on ‘What is Outsourcing and How does It Work?’ to help clear the confusion!

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the steps involved in hiring a Virtual Assistant service. Also, I’ll share some tips and tools to help you manage virtual staff effectively.

5 Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Australian Business Owners

5 Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant

1. Identify the Tasks you Want Outsourced

Be clear on what tasks they will take over. Be specific to help you find a specialist on tasks that they are responsible for. Finally, you have to slowly outline their responsibilities and set a Key Performance Indicator. 

Your virtual assistant Australia can’t be a master of everything. Nor should you try to be. For every task that is required to run your business, there are other people who specialize in those tasks and actually enjoy them. Therefore, hiring people to delegate tasks frees up your time to focus on the things you enjoy and you’re good at.

2. Create a List of Skills You Want in a Virtual Assistant

Identify their skills, knowledge, and specialties to help you assign them to different tasks. And since there are 2 various types of virtual assistants, you have to be familiar with them. 

Hard Skills – virtual assistants being able to use software, data entry, technical skills, copywriting skills. They have specific skills that are suited to owning and overseeing the process of your business. 

Soft skills – Virtual assistants with soft skills can do whatever they need to be done. They can take on the day-to-day tasks and processes that are important for running your business through their leadership, organization skills, and compassion.

Defining their skills before interviewing people can make the process of hiring a virtual assistant Australia faster and better. 

3. Qualify at Every Stage of the Selection Process

Finding a qualified virtual assistant service in Australia is much effective when you deliberate them through different stages.

1st Stage – Talent Acquisition Stage and job description. You need to delegate specific tasks and responsibilities that you need for your company. This will help you find the perfect candidate for the role.

2nd Stage – Conduct Due Diligence. You explain the details about the role. Then, you share the information about their tasks, hourly rate, working hours, and base them on strengths and weaknesses. 

Sort out the hiring process through their personality, portfolio, and tests. Afterward, you can shortlist candidates that are suitable for the position and have them interviewed. You may also ask for a test task to review their quality of work and make sure to pay them for their time and effort.

4. Create a Short List of Candidates

Analyze data and review the way they answer your interview and tests. Basing all of that, you will be able to judge the one you immediately like to work with. Evaluating the performance can lead to successful work with your virtual assistant Australia. 

See if they are meeting your expectations and if they can keep up with your work.

5. Follow the 80-20 Rule

Last but not least in the steps of hiring a virtual assistant Australia. There are hard skills and soft skills to consider and to see if they can keep up with your needs. However, 80-20 means to hire a virtual assistant based on 80% personality and 20% of their skills and qualifications.

You can teach people tools, software, and other things important to your business but values and attributes are not trainable. Find a person that you feel comfortable working with to perform well in this business. 

If you would like to download our FREE ‘Mega Biz Bible’ with a list of all the tools you will need to work with your virtual assistant, please click HERE. 

If you are overwhelmed with the steps in hiring a virtual assistant, then you can always come and talk to Level Up Outsourcing. We are ready to help you find the best virtual assistant to work on your business and needs. You can always drop a message at hello@levelupoutsourcing.com to learn more! Let us get started now!

5 Steps to Hire a Virtual Assistant for Australian Business Owners

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